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Speaking Mastery with Hypnosis!

Speaking Mastery with Hypnosis!

May 19, 2021

You think that speaking to a group is your biggest fear? I will challenge that today.

Get My Speaking Mastery program. https://www.wendi.com/courses/no-fear-public-speaking-mastery

20% off with code SPEAK.

6 things you must do to stop the fear.

Transform your fear into excitement.

How to connect with your audience.

Build confidence fast with hypnosis. 

You might also like the Quick Fix sessions. This package includes short hypnosis sessions for speaking, confidence and much more. Check it out, it's a goodie! 



You can sing! You can play! Hypnosis can make you a musician..

You can sing! You can play! Hypnosis can make you a musician..

May 5, 2021

Be inspired! Break out into song and let your voice be heard. Singing will lift your spirits and create a wonderful state of harmony in your body, mind and spirit. You will sing in the shower, the car, the kitchen and really enjoy the song of your soul!

Buy the entire program-  11 Hypnosis sessions to make you a better musician, a better singer and a more creative musician.

Go here to see the entire thing. 
Take 20% off  Use code -  MUSICLOVE 

You even get a hypnosis session during this podcast. It will lift your spirit to feel how important music is for your health. 

If you think you are not musical, can't sing, or you can't learn to play an instrument, this one's for you! 

Teach your spirit to express music in a way that is a beautiful expression of who you are. Your mind, body and spirit will be involved in the experience and you will feel the music in you. Get out of your head and into your heart.


Music is great for your health, your well being and even to release stress and cortisol. 

I hope you enjoy my stories of how music shaped my life and you are inspired to make this a big part of your life. Start at any age. Life will be better! 


Increase your Longevity? Yes and Yes. Research, hypnosis and a nice deep sparkly session

Increase your Longevity? Yes and Yes. Research, hypnosis and a nice deep sparkly session

May 3, 2021

Do you love Telomeres? 
Is your attitude about aging making you grow old fast? 
Maybe your inner negativity is fueling the aging process?
Let's change it. There is a really cool Hypnosis session included. I did the research and if you want to live longer, stop the damage to your brain and heart and even try to avoid dementia, this one's for you! 
BUY Wake Up Happy  25% off Use Code LongHappy
BUY Deep Sleep  sessions  25% off, Use Code LongDeep
Buy  Bliss Meditations 30 of them! 25% off, use code LongMed 

Remote Seduction and Powerful Influence. Kinda mind controlish, but superfun!!!

Remote Seduction and Powerful Influence. Kinda mind controlish, but superfun!!!

May 3, 2021

Hypnosis for doing weird things to people, and one dog. How is it possible that we can transmit thoughts, ideas and commands without saying a word? 
I will tell you how! 
Hypnosis session included, just a quickie, but a goodie!
BUY Remote Influence and Seduction right here.
Take  20% off with code YOUANDME       

Want to get lucky? Let’s change your luck today.

Want to get lucky? Let’s change your luck today.

April 28, 2021

Yes, you can change your luck and attract good things in your life. 

Now, there is also a Hypnosis session in here to get you out of your crappy mood and make you become lucky! 


30% off LUCK OF YOUR LIFE Hypnosis program.


ALSO- you know how thoughts are things, right? Well... I have proof for you. I did an experiment with a group many years ago that totally blew my mind. Find out how this 'thoughts are things' deal works. It should be a life changer for you as well. 

When you know this, you can change your luck, opportunities will come to you, your worthiness will be off the charts!

Mind Machines and Igniting your creative genius

Mind Machines and Igniting your creative genius

April 27, 2021

Ready to have a great memory? Need to become a brilliant problem solver? Ready to stimulate massive creativity? 
Today, you will! 
Learn how building Mind Machines can enhance memory, retention, recall, new ideas and even summon wisdom from some higher source! 
There is a hypnosis session in this podcast. 
Short training after the hypnosis session for Hypnotherapists to learn the techniques and use with your clients. WOW! Let's get started. 


Great skills to learn for adults and kids! 

Teach me something!

Teach me something!

April 24, 2021

30% off the TimeLine program. (Link below) 
Dig deep into your past and future and be even more amazing than you already are! 

Want to learn something new? 
Go inside your body, make magic happen.
How I accidentally became a Hypnotherapist.
Ending fears and create a timeline of your past.
SO Much Euphoria 
One little kindergartner who did something awesome.

And much more today. Listen in! 


30% off

Dong Talk! Let’s talk about your penis!

Dong Talk! Let’s talk about your penis!

January 20, 2021
PROMO CODE- BIGGER, takes  20% off
Links below.
Yea, so... I am usually a little hesitant to talk about this topic publicly. The premise is really quite absurd. I mean really, to think that hypnosis will enlarge any body part is not logical.
BUT, as you will learn in this episode, there is a really weird thing that happened with a client of mine. And the results were stunning. "What? Really? How?"  Well, I am about to tell you.
We will also give boobies equal time and discuss the highly researched Breast Enlargement with Hypnosis experiments. Can you believe that there is research on titties at UCLA and STANFORD? 
Also in this podcast- Phantom Limb Pain, Making Body Changes, How to Increase Breast Size, Can You Grow Taller, and other things you can do to your body. 
Adults only on this one. 
Let's get busy talking about your favorite body part! 


And now get busy finding the perfect thing to transform your sex life, your body and create a tingling, pulsing, pleasure machine.
PROMO CODE- BIGGER, takes  20% off all programs in this category! You will be so very hot. 
Do It Now!

Do It Now!

December 9, 2020
Procrastination. This one really runs our lives. So many tell me that this is their big, hairy issue. It affects every part of their lives. Help has arrived! 
Today's Sleep With Wendi episode is going to kick your butt to get things done, stop putting things off, get rid of clutter and feel fantastic while you are doing it!
Not kidding. There are some miraculous stories that turned around even the hard core procrastinators. 
You will tidy up, get motivated, feel the drive of wanted to complete your projects and tasks.
Get the entire program here-
Stream or download the sessions, open from any device. Feel the love. 
Sign up for the 3 day LIVE event here-
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Woohoo!- JOIN ME for 3 days live on December 4th, 5th, and 6th. FREE.

Woohoo!- JOIN ME for 3 days live on December 4th, 5th, and 6th. FREE.

November 27, 2020


It's a big deal. Do you drink too much? Do you know someone who does? 
This podcast  is the story of how I became an expert in Addiction Freedom and have helped over half a million people end their struggle with alcohol. Most people use the program on their own, self-guided, and have amazing results. Some come to see me in person, others choose to have a daily coaching call. 
NOW- JOIN ME for 3 days live on December 4,5, and 6th.
One hour each day, free of charge to ALL. 
Over our three days together I will help you to understand why you failed in the past, how your brain can actually work WITH you when quitting drinking and what you need to do to make it EASY! Yes, easy. 
Listen to the entire podcast and then sign up for the 3 day FREE event ON ZOOM. 
See you there! 
Need help now? Go to https://www.wendi.com/courses/alcohol-freedom
Let’s make some s#xy time. Take a deep breath. This one is throbbing with fun.

Let’s make some s#xy time. Take a deep breath. This one is throbbing with fun.

November 24, 2020

Have you heard how people are using the HypnoS#x techniques? 

It has so many potential uses. It is great for dysfunction, for enhancing pleasure, for trying out some fantasies. You can even hypnotize each other and find your new kink. 

It is again time to Sleep With Wendi

On today's podcast, you get to pull up a chair and get really curious about how I did these things to people using only my words. AAAhhh, yea. 

The code for 20% off all the HypnoS#x programs is QUIVER.

So go buy some, wontcha? You will not regret it. 

With warm, juicy lovin', 


Let’s Move To Hawaii, the Pain and Pleasure. AND Your weight loss Zen.

Let’s Move To Hawaii, the Pain and Pleasure. AND Your weight loss Zen.

November 14, 2020

So, I wrote a song and then put together a quick music video for you:


The move to paradise during the pandemic. 

Well, it was painful and then more painful. Selling your stuff to make a big move is a big deal. Here's how I did it. 

Let's move! 

Also, a little bit of Zen for your weight loss joy. 
Get Zen Of Thin now. It is a really great Hypnosis program. 

And I talk about creating Financial Abundance Course, being worthy of wealth, getting motivated.

Please get this audio book. I read the entire thing, just for you!

Think & Grow Rich Audio Book, read by Wendi

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Depression and Meditation breakthrough

Depression and Meditation breakthrough

November 14, 2020

This could be the thing you are looking for if you are struggling with depression. Great information here!


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Day 9 of the Big Q!! And your questions answered. Be awesome!

Day 9 of the Big Q!! And your questions answered. Be awesome!

September 25, 2020

I am in quarantine in Hawaii, on the Big Island. This podcast was made on my phone, no editing or fancy pants effects. Find out how it is being in quarantine for day after day, not able to leave your room! 

I ran away to Hawaii! How did this happen? Oh what a journey of letting go!

I ran away to Hawaii! How did this happen? Oh what a journey of letting go!

September 18, 2020

I left Colorado. I ran away. I drove to Hawaii.
I am right now sitting in Kona on a beautiful Lanai listening to the birds, watching the geckos, and ready to help you start a whole new life and have a new outlook. Today's episode is really cool I hope you listen to it and enjoy it and share it with your friends.

So you want to run away?

So you want to run away?

September 15, 2020

Have you wanted to find a geographical cure for your life? 

Need to get unstuck? Here is what I did ! 

My Favorite Happy Kids

My Favorite Happy Kids

October 25, 2019

Hypnosis programs for Kids - https://www.wendi.com/collections?q=kids


Hey hey! 

I know it has been a long time since I did a podcast. And the last  one I did was the heartbreaking account of my son, Sean. It has been over a year. I have to tell you, that even though I have kept my life as full as I can, it is still SO hard on so many days. Still miss that guy. Phew. I am sure that I cannot listen to that podcast. 

Today's podcast was asked for by a FB friend who wants to hear the stories about how I helped kids overcome big life problems and feel better, stronger, happier. Hypnotherapy often means that you invent something on the spot to help kids with their problems. So, listen and find out what I did with several of my favorite kids. 

I forgot to tell you about the soccer team that I hypnotized during half time while they were playing a tournament. A bunch of 10 year old boys, piled onto a bed in a motorhome. They said "Hypnotize Us!" So I did, and focused on how unstoppable they would be from the kickoff when they went back on the field. And what a powerful team they because. The other parents could not believe it and were wondering what the hell happened to make them have 20 shots on the goal in just the first minutes. Well, we could not tell them, because there were a few that were very much against my magical powers. And they definitely did not want me to  do that to their kids. During one of the games, a player was starting an asthma attack. He was sitting on a chair on the sideline and I put my hand on the top of his head, had him close his eyes and breathing in from my hand. He started breathing normally within seconds. 

Enjoy this episode. It's a goodie! 


Keep it Trippy Little Hippy, 


What happens when your child dies?

What happens when your child dies?

June 29, 2018

I am sharing with you my life in the last week. The saddest day of my life happened on Thursday, June 21, 2018. This might not be something you want to listen to, or it might resonate with you on many levels. If you have lost a child, or fear losing a child or just want to help those who have... this is from my heart and soul. My biggest fear has been realized. 

Sports Hypnosis- Can you get your mind game going?

Sports Hypnosis- Can you get your mind game going?

October 18, 2017

See more Sports Hypnosis programs here 


Sports hypnosis, what a way to get more powerful and confident. 

Learn more about the mind mastery of your sport. Dig deep to find your self sabotage or fears. And then learn how you can have more endurance and strength and confidence in your sport.

Golf hypnosis, basketball, soccer, race car driving, pole vaulting, baseball, iron man... find out how I help athletes to exceed their expectations.

And be sure to click that link, to find more sports hypnosis programs! 

What’s Your Problem? Episode 2

What’s Your Problem? Episode 2

July 18, 2017

For hypnotic help fast- http://wendi.com

What is your problem? It is now my problem and I plan to help you! If your problem is featured here, send me a message to get your $50 gift certificate!
Also, post your problem for future episodes on the discussion area at

Today, we help a cross dresser named Tequila figure out how to quit drinking, and a person who is tormented by intrusive and bizzare thoughts. You will also find out how we solve an anger problem,with mom lashing out at the ones she loves, a weird mind trick for food binges, and how to squeeze that baby out of your body without going crazy or hurting anyone.

It is all done using some hypnosis and NLP tools, and you get to experience the demonstrations of how to make your brain do something amazing.
Find more great help for free in the courses. Get into Deep Trance, learn Self Hypnosis, get over your bad stuff and feel the love! http://wendi.com

HERE is $10 off any course-  just use coupon code HAPPYME and it will give you 10 smackers off the price. You can do this!

Love to you,

Depression, your brain, and how to get better

Depression, your brain, and how to get better

May 20, 2017

If you are struggling with depression, it is helpful to understand what is happening in your brain that perpetuates the depression. This will help you to emerge from the darkness and start enjoying your life! 

COUPON code- Happier 
Take 20% off the Time Line Journey program. These sessions will help you release the past, embace the future and feel hopeful and peaceful https://www.wendi.com/courses/timeline-journey

Memory Tricks to Instantly Make Your Brain go Bonkers!

Memory Tricks to Instantly Make Your Brain go Bonkers!

November 18, 2016

Memory Tricks to Instantly Make Your Brain go Bonkers! 

Today- Alzheimer's and Marijuana, a miracle cure?

Why do people think Pot is evil? The NEW facts about how it affects your brain. It's a cerebellum thing.
Learn to make Mind Machines! 
Memory and Stress- why you have a crappy ass memory.
Here is a great hypnosis program to improve your memory. This really works! 
20% off, use code SMARTER
$10 off the SPEED READ and SPELL ONE 
BAD Spellers- This is WHY you (or you kid) can't spell. MUST listen.
Speed Read - Yes, you can increase your reading speed and comprehension with Hypnosis. 
USE CODE-  SPEED for $10 off
More good things for your brain- 
Instant Brain Boost
Instant Memory Boost
Brain Massage

Brain Massage

November 14, 2016

Brain Massage- A mind expanding experience, might just be what you need right now. Float away with me today. 

AND- Do you know how much I need you? A lot. 

1.- MASSAGE IT WITH ME- What creative topic do you have for the new, next BRAIN MASSAGE audio? 
2.- WHAT'S your problem?!? Submit your problem to me. What bugs you, what burns you up, what are you dealing with, what is your most difficult life challenge? Send it to me on Facebook or email. 
3.- Get the multi-session Brain Massage program. Take $10 off! Use code at checkout-  MASSAGE
What’s Your Problem?!?

What’s Your Problem?!?

November 12, 2016


##HYPNOSIS SESSION IN THIS EPISODE## Do not listen while driving, please.

Today, I will attempt to find out what the heck is wrong with you. We all have problems, some are an easy fix. A few days ago, several people gave me their requests for help with strange, weird, usual and unique and some totally uninteresting issues. I picked a few and give some solid advice, but even more the reason you are unable to get over it. 
Now the cool part! Hypnosis training for your brain, if you are ready to go deep.

Anxiety- how to deal with it, and even learn EFT if you are up for the tapping cure. More information at
Going Deep- ##Hypnosis Session## Fractionation for you! If you are not feeling hypnotized, or not going deep enough, or perhaps just feeling like your busy brain won't shut the hell up... you are going to LOVE this. 

AntiDepressants and Fraud- What is up with this pill popping and overprescribing and total lack of results with antidepressants? Want the truth? You can't handle the truth! (just kidding) Raw, uncensored reality check. 
Get UNdepressed today- 
Sweet Surrender- The fast end to anxiety and stress. I suggest that you just do this to get over the bat crap crazy stress we are going through right now. Quit fighting kids, the answer is here.  

Addiction Help- Quit Drinking or Drugs now. No steps, no meetings! Online instant access and help each day with our coaches. Yes, it is a miracle. For real. 

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You might never get rich… unless…

You might never get rich… unless…

October 5, 2016

You have ISSUES!! Deep, weird, scary, silly issues.
You want to be rich, you want to stop struggling. AND you want to get UNSTUCK.
Well, that is a big request. There are many layers to this money conundrum. And there are about 3 bazillioin people offering to help you manifest riches, but without any actual strategy, other than to visualize, repeat mantras, write down your affirmations. Ha. How did that work out?


When you join my Financial Abundance Course, you will discover a really big new life. Come and check it out.

What do you need to get out of your money slump and create the beliefs you need, end the sabotage, stop the destructive inner turmoil and release the old (lots of these tucked away) money pain points and the things you were taught?
Well listen up! Let's get started, because there is a lot of work/fun to be had.


I will show you the methods I use with thousands of clients, groups, teams and YOU, that put you on a REAL path to abundance.


NOW dance!!
Join the course here-

Big Decisions Made Easy Peasey

Big Decisions Made Easy Peasey

September 24, 2016

Making a podcast always includes a cat. Usually on my keyboard, but today in a box. Loki seems to enjoy my thoughts and ideas. Well there's one dedicated fan.
Some things are hard to change. Like habits, addictions, anger, phobias, fears... or are they really?
What if there is a way to do it, easily. Here is how your brain makes fast changes and why it makes a new decision that seemed almost impossible.


Magic. Yes?  Well sort of magical as you go through the course.
Really just some basic, yet amazing, stuff your brain/mind/heart works.
Learn something here, you are about to have NO excuses. Yay You!


Addiction- The Truth! Is AA actually causing relapse?

Addiction- The Truth! Is AA actually causing relapse?

December 9, 2015

I need your help. Send this podcast to everyone you know.  

The addiction crisis is in need of something that works. Here is some hard truth about the reality of addiction treatment. The 12 step/AA method has a dismal success rate and the rehab industry is sucking money out of desperate families to offer help.  The rehab industry that uses the 12 step approach knows how horrible their success rate is. And yet, they continue to take your money, offer hope, no results, and no refunds.

What to do? LISTEN to this, share it, send the link to everyone you know. 
Let's create something awesome. 
Quit drinking or drug use, at home, in private. If you need more personal help, you can use the course WITH my help daily, as a coaching call. Here it is! I am here for you!
Love You!  Wendi
Hey Lazy Bones! Stop Procrastinating. I will make it fun, I promise…

Hey Lazy Bones! Stop Procrastinating. I will make it fun, I promise…

September 29, 2015

Procrastination is painful. You already know that.
You think you are lazy, unmotivated, fatigued. But the reality is that your brain has just made a few errors in the wiring up the happy path that makes you WANT to do stuff.

########## Hypnosis Alert---
Two hypnosis sessions in this podcast. No driving or operating jackhammers while listening, ok?

Got clutter? Hoard much? Have a mess everywhere you look?
STOP putting things off. This is the hypno boost with a loving kick in the butt.

Get the full hypnosis program DO IT NOW
 It's a life changer.


May The Luck Be With You. Banish the Bad, get Lucky and find Good Luck!!

May The Luck Be With You. Banish the Bad, get Lucky and find Good Luck!!

August 10, 2015

(Hypnosis session in this podcast... just so you know you are about to get really lucky)

...and if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all.

Can hypnosis change you into a perpetually lucky person? Could you get into the groove of the flow of good fortune, unexpected surprises, great magical experiences and the best luck of your life? This hypnosis program will totally change your attitude about luck, worthiness, expectation and more. Great sessions that take you step by step through all the aspects of deep beliefs about luck! 


It is possible to get out of your rut, stop your bad luck, shift the winds, the tides, the stream of worry and fear and transform to a person who can truly say, "I am a lucky one, good things happen to me".
Let's do this!
XXXXX Hypnosis session  in this podcast - Do NOT listen while driving or operating heavy equipment. Step off of that Backhoe. Put down that chainsaw XXXXX

FULL training- Hypnotherapy Training Help Clients Quit Smoking and be awesome

FULL training- Hypnotherapy Training Help Clients Quit Smoking and be awesome

July 24, 2015

Hypnotherapists- Get a powerful training to become a Stop Smoking Expert.
Do not be a one session failure.
Stop trying to figure out what works.
Learn this method that works, using 3 sessions to help your clients feel GREAT, quit with EASE, get a solid commitment, and love you! They will tell their friends and family because you did such great work.

When you do a ONE session quit smoking program, you will fail, they will fail and they will believe that hypnosis does NOT work. Be the one that enlightens them and creates a powerful new mindset.

Stop their cravings, give them power, be awesome.
You deserve to learn to the be the best... from the best.

Hypnosis Training- Learn a Powerful Stop Smoking Program For Your Clients, NOW!

Hypnosis Training- Learn a Powerful Stop Smoking Program For Your Clients, NOW!

July 24, 2015

LEARN! Hypnotherapist training session.
Do not be a ONE SHOT wonder.  You will fail, your client will fail. Find out why.
Get good, then get GREAT and be a powerful force in helping clients, in groups or privately be dazzled by how easy it is to quit. Smokers will flock to you, sing your praises, love your work.
LISTEN NOW, then be sure to get the PREMIUM podcast training session.

Psychic Seduction, Seriously? Remote Influence, for real? Wendi has stories to blow your awesome mind.

Psychic Seduction, Seriously? Remote Influence, for real? Wendi has stories to blow your awesome mind.

July 23, 2015

Be Amazed. Be Shocked. Be Intrigued.
You will want to find out what weird and strange things you can do to influence people, create irresistible forces, send your thoughts and bend their mind.
LIVE Hypnotic Training- Learn the technique of Remote Seduction, Remote Influence and how it works.


Will you love this? Yes you will.
And then you want more, you want more, you want more... go here...


Get Remote Seduction and Remote Influence, together! 

Impossible Hypnotic Miracles- Too good to be true?

Impossible Hypnotic Miracles- Too good to be true?

July 15, 2015

Are miraculous stories of healing with hypnosis to be believed? Too good to be true? Or are the miraculous healing stories from Hypnotherapists actually a result of directing the subconscious mind to initiate healing?
Today, I will share with you a few of the miracles that I have seen in my clients.
Medical impossibilities? Perhaps. Defying logic, for sure. Please be sure listen to the last story, about my Mondays with Martha.
This is great information for Hypnotherapists, Clients or anyone who is curious about how easy it is to change the impossible.


UnHypnotizable? Let’s fix that.

UnHypnotizable? Let’s fix that.

July 10, 2015

To those who believe they cannot be hypnotized,
Think Again!
Quiet your busy mind, turn your body into a puddle of bliss
and learn how easy it is to drift into a trance full of smiles for days!
Learn the difference between meditation and hypnosis.
Experience fractionation as a powerful trance induction technique that will astound you!
Get your free blissology meditation audio here. And then you will want to get the rest of the course. YaY You!! 

Addictions and Free Will. Are you being manipulated to fail?

Addictions and Free Will. Are you being manipulated to fail?

May 20, 2014

When it comes to quitting a drug, alcohol or other addiction, you should consider how your state of mind deals with your free will or lack of it.


After 20 years as an expert in hypnotherapy I can share some stunning insights about free will and addiction. You might be shocked at what you are about to hear. Please share this podcast.
Get the free hypnosis session I mentioned at 


Hypnosis and Free Will. Can I make you do it?

Hypnosis and Free Will. Can I make you do it?

May 20, 2014

Do you really have free will?
Can Hypnosis make you do something, like casting a spell over you or implanting secret suggestions?
Manipulation, persuasion and hypnosis.
Need to hone your persuassion skills?  Here it is! Ready to get you all charismatic and lovable. 
Get ready to ooze awesomeness!


Hypnosis for Anxiety, does it really work?

Hypnosis for Anxiety, does it really work?

November 2, 2012

Everything you wanted to know about using Hypnotherapy to help end your anxiety.

www.TheCureForAnxiety.com Enjoy! Wendi Friesen

Here and Now- get in the moment

Here and Now- get in the moment

December 1, 2011

Hello friends!

Yesterday was my birthday. And I made something for you. It's a gift that will keep on giving.

Being in the moment is something that we strive for and work towards.

It is odd that we need to be enlightened, trained, coached and prodded to be in the moment. Seriously, where else are we going to be? In reality, you are always in the moment. It is impossible, if you have not yet bent the fabric of time, to be anywhere else but here, now.

If you worry about the past or have fear about the future you are doing it in this moment. So you are actually still in the moment. But you are robbing yourself of the pleasure you should be having in this moment. All the worry, guilt, shame, anger about the past and the anxiety about the future is taking away the ONLY thing you actually have. The only reality is what you are doing right now.

How are you feeling right now?

How should you feel right now?

What if you don't feel good and you can't seem to settle into this present moment to just feel the gift that is "the present"?

I got ya covered. For my birthday I made you a gift. It is 30 minutes long so settle in, get comfortable and turn the enlightenment knob to full ON! We are going on a trip!

Love you,


Money and Energy part 6

Money and Energy part 6

August 18, 2011

Fail Fast!

Today is a great day to make it happen.

You will learn something about your money issues and let em fly away!

Let's get started....

Money and Energy part 5

Money and Energy part 5

August 15, 2011

You are amazing!

Things are changing, yes?

Here is part 5 on our journey to get on your way to some wealth.

I love you!


Money and Energy Part 4

Money and Energy Part 4

August 11, 2011

Hello my beautiful and abundant friends!

Here is Part 4 of our Money and Energy series. I hope you enjoy this immensely. I sure enjoyed making it.

Let's get started and take a trip into the future!

Money and Energy

Money and Energy

August 3, 2011

Sign up at http://www.Wendi.com/moneyenergy

Are you broke, stuck and frustrated?

Is your fear of success and fear of failure holding you back?

Do you procrastinate and sabotage your success?

This eight part series will transform your issues with money and success. In each live session you will learn, grow and transform.

Energy is everything. It is in every aspect of our experience in life.

In business, your energy will focus and lead you to failure or success. Wendi will assist you in opening your life to the energy of abundance, power and wealth.

The metaphysical training will make you a believer!

In each session you will explore the reasons that you hold back, sabotage your opportunities and procrastinate.

You will be given assignments in each session that will allow you to find and resolve the deepest beliefs about failure. You will create, in your Focus Time sessions the brain states, emotional states, energy states and spiritual awakening that support you.

Create Wealth! Money, happiness, love, health, wisdom... a beautiful and balance life of wealth.

This will be an amazing month. You will be so proud of your transformation. Start now!

Your $99 purchase includes the Financial Abundance program. This is a value of $149, and you will be using the sessions during our training. You will also be given audio recordings of many of the processes we are doing during the month.

The value of spending a month with Wendi, live on video and audio will be a powerful experience.

What if you miss the live session? Every video session will be recorded and you can catch up at a time that is good for you and join us live on the next day.

FOUR WEEKS, 2 Days each week. Eight total sessions.

Monday  5 pm pacific, 6 pm mountain, 8 pm eastern

Thursday 5 pm pacific, 6 pm mountain, 8 pm eastern

Sign up at http://www.Wendi.com/moneyenergy

#302 Pooping a Watermelon

#302 Pooping a Watermelon

May 23, 2011

Welcome! Podcast #302, Pooping a Watermelon

-Principle George Kenney hypnotized his high school students. One committed suicide. Did the hypnosis cause it?

-Jessica Alba loves hypnobirthing. Can you really have a painless childbirth with hypnosis? Real or fake?

-Support groups- good for your brain or do they keep you sick?

-The girl who fainted every time she saw a doctor. An amazing case with a fascinating result.

:) Enjoy today's podcast with a hypno quickie at the end!

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301- Anger and being so chill

301- Anger and being so chill

May 18, 2011

Episode 301

- Anger and You Short tempered? Road raging it? Affected by all the idiots around you who won't do what YOU want them to do?

It is time to chill out, my friend. I will teach you how.

- Is it all in your mind or all in your body.

- Quick thoughts on addiction and hypnosis.

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Depression and Meditation and your Brain

Depression and Meditation and your Brain

October 26, 2010

Are you struggling with depression? It really is all in your mind. And your brain. Watch today's podcast and find out how to make a big change.

Love to you.


Depression and Winter Blues
Miraculous Healing with hypnosis

Miraculous Healing with hypnosis

August 13, 2010

Hypnosis For Hair Growth

One of the most intriguing uses of hypnosis is the miraculous changes we can make in our bodies.

Some people claim to change their eye color. Some claim that they are growing taller. I get many emails about this! Milton Erickson claimed that his client grew 5 inches taller. Hmm. Amazing, but how can this happen? People claim to change their hair color. I even found a website that says you can do hypno orthodontics and straighten your teeth.

I don’t know if all these things are possible and I have no first hand information or research on those. Just stories.

I sure have seen a lot of miraculous things happen for clients of mine.

And I have to tell you it is hard to believe that we have this much power by simply setting the cellular communication in action.

I have helped people get rid of serious allergies almost instantly. Asthma, gone for good. Back injuries healed completely. Migraines- completely, totally eliminated. Severe chronic pain for years, totally released. Nasty incurable rashes and psoriasis, healed right up. Plantar Fascitis, strange but true, (the foot arch pain) just gone for good. 8 Years of agoraphobia (she couldn’t leave the house) totally cured in 4 days. Carpal tunnel, her MRIs showed it disappeared in our 4 sessions together. No surgery! 20 years of depression gone in 2 weeks, her husband thanked me for giving his wife back to him.

It is just so unbelievable to most people though. And I understand why it is hard to believe just on faith.

You have to experience it for yourself.

I want to teach you a little about...

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