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January 20, 2021
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Yea, so... I am usually a little hesitant to talk about this topic publicly. The premise is really quite absurd. I mean really, to think that hypnosis will enlarge any body part is not logical.
BUT, as you will learn in this episode, there is a really weird thing that happened with a client of mine. And the results were stunning. "What? Really? How?"  Well, I am about to tell you.
We will also give boobies equal time and discuss the highly researched Breast Enlargement with Hypnosis experiments. Can you believe that there is research on titties at UCLA and STANFORD? 
Also in this podcast- Phantom Limb Pain, Making Body Changes, How to Increase Breast Size, Can You Grow Taller, and other things you can do to your body. 
Adults only on this one. 
Let's get busy talking about your favorite body part! 


And now get busy finding the perfect thing to transform your sex life, your body and create a tingling, pulsing, pleasure machine.
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