Wendi - Sleep With Me

May The Luck Be With You. Banish the Bad, get Lucky and find Good Luck!!

August 10, 2015

(Hypnosis session in this podcast... just so you know you are about to get really lucky)

...and if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all.

Can hypnosis change you into a perpetually lucky person? Could you get into the groove of the flow of good fortune, unexpected surprises, great magical experiences and the best luck of your life? This hypnosis program will totally change your attitude about luck, worthiness, expectation and more. Great sessions that take you step by step through all the aspects of deep beliefs about luck! 


It is possible to get out of your rut, stop your bad luck, shift the winds, the tides, the stream of worry and fear and transform to a person who can truly say, "I am a lucky one, good things happen to me".
Let's do this!
XXXXX Hypnosis session  in this podcast - Do NOT listen while driving or operating heavy equipment. Step off of that Backhoe. Put down that chainsaw XXXXX

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