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Here and Now- get in the moment

December 1, 2011

Hello friends!

Yesterday was my birthday. And I made something for you. It's a gift that will keep on giving.

Being in the moment is something that we strive for and work towards.

It is odd that we need to be enlightened, trained, coached and prodded to be in the moment. Seriously, where else are we going to be? In reality, you are always in the moment. It is impossible, if you have not yet bent the fabric of time, to be anywhere else but here, now.

If you worry about the past or have fear about the future you are doing it in this moment. So you are actually still in the moment. But you are robbing yourself of the pleasure you should be having in this moment. All the worry, guilt, shame, anger about the past and the anxiety about the future is taking away the ONLY thing you actually have. The only reality is what you are doing right now.

How are you feeling right now?

How should you feel right now?

What if you don't feel good and you can't seem to settle into this present moment to just feel the gift that is "the present"?

I got ya covered. For my birthday I made you a gift. It is 30 minutes long so settle in, get comfortable and turn the enlightenment knob to full ON! We are going on a trip!

Love you,


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