Money and Energy part 5

August 15, 2011

You are amazing!

Things are changing, yes?

Here is part 5 on our journey to get on your way to some wealth.

I love you!



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  • Susan

    we love Wendi, I found i loved the way she got to the truth about that crtical voice. I forgot how much i had been listening to it. I woke up early, I have been doing the work. I have found i have been clearing my attic,my papers,washing clothes and going into outstanding emails….at last…… on day 3 now. I am getting exicted in the inner world, but its not happening in the outer world,yet.

    I have imagined a great mutually loving romance….a love relationship currently looking at ending conenctions with all men i have had weird sex with. you know…. its got all just sex then he does not call sort of thing yep, need to stop thinking about him……and imagine i can do better with all life money, man, social life, career,family……………really ned your help wendi, help, help, help, help,i am not working so i use any little freebie you offer, thats why i love you so, i can get support even at this stage…..your single mum story helps to insprie

    Sep 1, 2011 at 12:30 am