Wendi - Sleep With Me

Let’s make some s#xy time. Take a deep breath. This one is throbbing with fun.

November 24, 2020

Have you heard how people are using the HypnoS#x techniques? 

It has so many potential uses. It is great for dysfunction, for enhancing pleasure, for trying out some fantasies. You can even hypnotize each other and find your new kink. 

It is again time to Sleep With Wendi

On today's podcast, you get to pull up a chair and get really curious about how I did these things to people using only my words. AAAhhh, yea. 

The code for 20% off all the HypnoS#x programs is QUIVER.

So go buy some, wontcha? You will not regret it. 

With warm, juicy lovin', 


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